Import birthdays from Excel CSV file.

1) If your Excel file extension is .xls then you should convert it to .csv file extension. See: convert xls to csv or export to csv

2) Check that your file columns correspond to our required format as in the demo file: excel_demo.csv.

First row in your csv file should define what data is contained into the corresponding column.
You must name your headers as in our demo file i.e. "First Name", "Last Name", "Birthday", "Email" and others.
Not doing this will result into failing to import data because we will not know what field goes where.
Important: "First Name" and "Birthday" fields are required.

3) To start the importing process click on the Choose File button, navigate to .csv file and select it. Then click on Upload button to import the contacts.

Select the CSV file:

4) Wait for download page to start and then import downloaded file into Birthday Manager 1471858571.2185
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