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Once again, about!
SS Birthday Reminder is a software that reminds you of upcoming birthdays and will display a message on the respective days about the birthdays of all the people that you have added. All you have to do is enter the name of the person, the date of birth, and some other useful information, like phone number or email. SS Birthday Reminder will automatically open on that very day and display a message saying that today there is a birthday. You can also choose to be reminded several days in advance so you have enough time to get a present. SS Birthday Reminder runs at Windows startup and shows you the next events in an own defined time span. You can import data from saved databases or export it to various file formats including Excel (.csv) files.

What do I need?
For buying the SS Birthday Reminder you will need your Personal Code (to get it run Birthday Manager, from the Help menu choose Register, in the Registration window click the Enter Registration Code button and you will see your Personal Code in the displayed form).

What will I get?
After buying SS Birthday Reminder you will get a Single PC License. This means that the license will be restricted to one PC only with the Personal Code that you need to enter in the Registration Form. But this license will be valid for an unlimited number of users of that PC.

How it's done?
You can purchase our product securely online through our authorized sale agent. It is reliable and use secure systems to protect your information. It uses SSL technology to securely transfer information across the Internet. More information can be found on its web site.
Delivery of registration key will occur within 1 hour (via e-mail). We accepts payment by Credit Card, Maestro/Solo, Bank/Wire Transfer, Paypal, Check, Cash Prepayment or by Fax.

Ok, let's do it!
After installing SS Birthday Reminder on your PC, you simply have to get the PC Personal Code. See FAQ on how to get it. Be sure this is the PC you want to use the license on! Next, select a payment method below and continue to payment transaction.

Buy license If you decided to buy the license key, please click the link below to get to the secure order page and make payment transaction.


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