Free Birthday Reminder Software
Requires: a computer and many contacts to be reminded of

SS Birthday Reminder is a certified product by Softpedia and CNET, it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. Dont install on your computer untested software, because it is risky. Protect your personal data... Install only clean software!

How to get reminders in 3 easy steps?

1) Download and install SS Birthday Reminder

Download SS Birthday Reminder

2) Add your contacts birthdays

3) Get your reminders on computer startup

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Finally! A fast and simple-to-use application with built-in Manager to help you easily manage all your events and a Checker which starts right with Windows so you'll never forget about your friends birthdays anymore.

SS Birthday Reminder Highlights:
  • It Is Simple
  • Individual Settings
  • Inform you exactly when you want to
  • Calculates age
  • Customizable Fields
  • Fast and Compact
  • Free import from Yahoo, Google and Outlook
  • Sync with Birthday Lab
  • Monthly Reports
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Low on system resources usage
  • Free support
Download Birthday Reminder Application

Always forgetting about the special events? You have now the easiest way to keep them at your fingertips. Try now our application and you'll never forget again.

Birthday Manager
SS Birthday Reminder keeps your birthdays organized right at your fingertips. With Birthday Reminders' powerful Manager, you can store all the information about the people in your contact list like: name, nickname, birthdate, phones, email, ICQ and other customizable data, after what you will be provided with birthday alerts every time you start up your PC. It's an application recognized as one of the best birthday reminders on the web which won't let you forget about your friends' birthdays.

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Birthday Checker
When your computer starts, Birthday Checker checks if you have any birthdays in the near future. If in more than 3 days (number of days can be changed in Birthday Manager options) you have some birthdays, then on your screen will be displayed a popup like this, telling you to be ready: soon a birthday is coming. But if you have a celebrant in less than 3 days, then Birthday Checker will display a window which will display all the information about that person, how many days there are till that day, and how old is the celebrant, as you can see here. Birthday Checker runs at every computer startup, so you can't lose any anniversary. Also, at the beginning of each month it automatically generates the report of birthdays for current month. So all we have to do now is wishing you: "Happy Reminding"!

The Latest News
  * On 6 Jun 2015 we released the all new
SS Birhday Reminder v.2.13.2

Tell us what you think about its newest features!

  * On 27 Feb 2014 we launched 2nd version of Birthday Lab which offers to our users new possibilities and useful features. Go to to find out more.

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